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I've noticed there's nothing like the support, stories, care and commaderie between women who are married to men in the military. Deployments, field rotations, training, long hours, and unexpected changes are all apart of our lives. We know how to clean a uniform, the difference between "civilian time" and "military time" and an unrelenting list of abbreviations (PT's, ACU's, B CO, the list goes on forever). My husband was deployed for 14 monthes last year and my family and friends just couldn't seem to say or do the right thing for me when I was having a hard time...but Army wives I had just met could take a look at me and know where I was coming from and say just what I needed to hear. Most of the friends I've made in the military I have nothing else in common with except that we love our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. So, if you're in love with a military man, join us! Share your stories, funny and sad, ask for advice and give it when you've got it.

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